Welcome to the Hidden Hamlet Homeowner's Association website.

Hidden Hamlet was incorporated in 1973 and its official name is Hidden Hamlet Association, Inc. It is a non-profit organization and is governed by the membership.

The land for Hidden Hamlet was acquired by Dean and Lynda Shorter in 1960. The first building sites were made available in 1961.

It was the developer's intent that each home would have a different exterior style to create subdivision individuality.

Deed restrictions were filed with each of the Hidden Hamlet plats to maintain the original concept. These restrictions became, and still are a condition of purchase that must be agreed to when buying in Hidden Hamlet. The Architectural Control Committee was formed to approve all future new renovation and building projects.

The Association's further action resulted in contracts with snow plowing and sanitation companies to service Hidden Hamlet.

The Water System was established and approved by the State of Michigan Health Department. Monthly tests are still a requirement.

Many association members are season ski ticket holders at Nub's Nob and Boyne Highlands. The continued growth of Hidden Hamlet and its relationship to both ski areas has been a good one.

There has been and still are so many members and others who have contributed of their time and talents in directing the growth of Hidden Hamlet with a spirit of friendship and professionalism.